Download Angry Birds Go for PC (Windows/Mac)

December 14, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Download Angry Birds Go for PC (Windows/Mac)
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Angry Birds Go for PC - Free DownloadAngry Birds Go! is the newest franchise game Angry Birds coming to move the screen of your portable device.

This time, the eternal war between the birds and the pigs come to win a different chapter: instead of you flying in the direction of enemies to shoot them down using the physics, you’ll step on it in races that resemble the very titles of the Mario Kart series.

The disputes of the Angry Birds Go! happen on île des cochons and you will have to explore the slopes and local roads to get beat all enemies. The cool thing is that you will only have to come first.

In the game, several types of races are available. Everything is separated into “worlds”, i.e., each circuit is a different challenge, in which you must fulfill all missions and defeat the boss to get to their next clue.

You will have to take your cart and win contests like the traditional races, the explosion of time, the challenge to crush fruit, the race of the Champ and the Mega Game. Thus, everything develops into a “career” style and win challenges to unlock new options for races.

Turbo Racing Cars

Despite the rustic appearance of the stands inside the Angry Birds Go!, here at high speed will come quickly to your laptop. Yes, because if at first your vehicle look weak, you’ll soon realize that he is able to fly low.

To do so, simply collect pennies throughout the races. This money is critical so that you can buy various upgrades for your bolide, increasing its acceleration, the final speed or his power to make curves, for example.

And it doesn’t stop there. When you reach a certain value in BMWs your cart will win a “power up”. There, new bars for purchasing improvements will appear for you to leave your bolide even more powerful.

Faster Birds and Guinea Pigs

Don’t think the Angry Birds Go! only the piglets are the villains. In racing it’s every man for himself, and you can even play with some of them. As you progress you will be able to choose between Red, Chuck, Terence, Stella, King Pig, big mustache and several other dolls.

The good news is that each of the characters has a different power-it’s up to you to point that that has everything to do with his style of direction. Yes, because some people prefer a good turbocharged, while others like to take opponents out of the way “the force”. Just stay tuned to the dolls ‘ energy, because it is necessary to have some charge to be able to run.


  • Incredible graphics
  • Great sound effects
  • Addictive games
  • You can buy upgrades for the carts
  • Different types of races
  • Various characters


  • Lack an online multiplayer mode
  • Game could switch the circuits along the gambling
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Andry Birds Go on PC

Download: PC – Android

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