Asphalt 8 – Online Game

December 12, 2013, Category: Games
Asphalt 8 – Online Game
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Asphalt 8 Online GameArriving at its eighth edition, almost unable to believe that Asphalt arose in phones with monochrome screens. The series of racing games was already popular before coming to Android and iOS. However, the new version arrives to remind players that Asphalt is a series of arcade racing game and not a racing simulator.

The game has undergone a major overhaul, adopting a new engine (“graphics engine”). Since the Asphalt’s 5 and 7, developers had adopted an engine of its own, but which limited somewhat the gameplay. The new engine brought a new visual and physical elements. What left some most difficult maneuvers, such as doing drifting. However, these new physical elements have been added, not to give realism to the game, but to provide the destruction of scenarios and more acrobatic jumps.

Asphalt now has ramps scattered through the clues. These ramps are used to perform stunts and even pirouettes in the air with this, the player wins more points. The graphics of Asphalt 8 are very close to that of the previous game. However, the game is a little lighter. On Android devices is greater coverage. The classic tracks of Asphalt were left a little aside in favor entirely new circuits. The races in Tokyo and in Iceland are a sight for sore eyes so beautiful they were.

What about the gameplay?

About the gameplay, there are many novelties in Asphalt 8. The possibility of customization of cars increased, allowing players to change engines, tires, nitro, everything to make your car as powerful as possible. There are many other cars to buy, too, but in this respect, the game suffers because the cars are too expensive. Asphalt 8 has two main distinct modes, which is the “career mode” and “Multiplayer” mode. The career mode is full of challenges and they are more difficult than the previous game. Don’t expect a “walk in the Park” as the Asphalt 7.

The career mode has challenges similar to other games of Asphalt, with normal races, challenges of “knockout”, where you need to wipe out other cars. The “infected” is new. In it, your car gets infected and you get infinite nitro. However, at the end of the infection, your car explodes, then you need to take advantage of the infection to the fullest.

One of the novelties of the new engine, is the online multiplayer for up to eight participants. Lots of fun, this is one of the best modes of the game. Because it lets you play against players in real time and not in a “simulated confrontation” as in Real Racing 3. The online multiplayer mode has sub modes with normal elimination races and the infection.

Asphalt 8 is not a clear evolution in relation to the previous game, is a racing game different with a new proposal. New tracks and circuits give a freshness the franchise in its eighth edition. The gameplay is more arcade than ever with jumps and stunts; and multiplayer mode is one of the highlights of the game. The only downside is the price of cars that will give more work to the player to put the hands on them.

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