BADLAND for Android – Free Download

December 19, 2013, Category: Android, Games
BADLAND for Android – Free Download
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BADLAND for AndroidBADLAND is a famous game of skill and quick reflexes that consolidated its fame on the Apple platform. Now, in this version for Android, you explore a savage land and dark while macabre birds guide that can be crushed at any time by stones or gears.

After the beginning of each stage, the scenery begins to move automatically to the right, and you move the characters this way to avoid that they get stuck and die.

To float on, just hold your finger on the screen and drop when the character is too high. In total, there are 80 different stages – and each one requires a different strategy to be completed.

By the way, you can find items that affect the size and speed of the character, in addition to more creatures that accompany during journey and serve to solving the puzzle.


  • Creative gameplay
  • Many stages
  • Great graphics
  • Macabre sound effects


  • A little repetitive

Download: BADLAND for Android

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