Banana Kong for Android – Free Download

December 18, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Banana Kong for Android – Free Download
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Banana Kong for Android - Free DownloadBanana Kong is a hobby for Android whose protagonist is a hungry gorilla. He leaves through the jungle in search of the greatest amount of bananas that get together and you should make this big lug enough as far as possible.

Along the stage, you will find numerous obstacles and must collect bananas to activate special abilities. In addition, it is possible to accumulate credits within this game, which can be exchanged for special items for customisation of your overalls and also for the acquisition of new skills.

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The game clearly inspired by the classic Donkey Kong, Super Nintendo, will lead you to a fun adventure in the jungle. Several different phases and challenges that vary in the same scenario are some of the ingredients of this totally free application.

A forest full of adventures

The initial adventure in Banana Kong will teach you to run our protagonist and also some details of the game. After that everything is ready for their lonely journey it starts with you taking the lead by varying paths and always full of challenges.

Banana Kong brings online interaction through the Game Services, i.e. you can challenge your friends to see who has the best score on gambling. Along the phases will be found stones and animals that can both help and hinder your adventure, so pay close attention to what appears in front of you.

Banana is vitamin

You can jump and glide in the air (with the help of a Cape, after all not flying monkeys) to collect bananas and they have important functions in that game. Speaking in a broad sense, they act as money here, allowing you to acquire new skills and objects.

In addition, on stage they fill a power bar that allows you to jump faster. This will ensure your salvation at various times, including destroying a few obstacles that cannot be overcome by the head of the gorilla.


  • Nice visual effects
  • Various scenarios
  • Good level of challenge

Download: Banana Kong for Android

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