BBM for PC – Free Download

November 27, 2013, Category: Android, Apps, Blackberry, Ipad, Iphone
BBM for PC – Free Download
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BBM for PC Free DownloadBBM, also known as BlackBerry Messenger, is the popular communication application developed by BlackBerry to customers of smartphones.

The acclaimed program has always been available exclusively for owners of devices built by the company itself.

Now, however, BlackBerry decided to expand their horizons, providing the Messenger for Android and iOS platforms.

BBM now available for Android and iOS

Although the BBM is already present in the app markets of the two operating systems, you still can’t download it and out texting people. This is because, according to the company, the accession of new users have been great – which generated an unexpected drive on the servers of the service.

Thus, after downloading the program, you must populate a field stating a valid email address to which BlackBerry will send an access key that allows you to use the Messenger.

With the proper authorization, still need to fill in your registration to receive your PIN – a kind of code that identifies each person within the BBM and that works similarly to the old ICQ.

Talking with People

With BBM in full operation, the time has come for you to chat using the service. To find friends who already use the tool, make searches in their email accounts and social networks, like Facebook, Twitter for example.

You can also add contacts through their respective PINs. Read a QR Code exclusive with a gadget’s camera or pass the registration through NFC also are some of the options available for the BlackBerry.

BBM relies on various forms of you talk. It is possible to send text messages and keep in touch in a similar way to any other Messenger. Creating groups is also easy and brings a focus well.

There you can add lists and mark people as responsible, including determining a deadline for certain tasks are fulfilled. Attaching pictures and audio recordings are also permitted.

BlackBerry Messenger, by default, keeps running during the entire time. So, notifications of new messages can appear in the tray of your notifications Android, for example, whenever something new has been posted. This monitoring can be turned off in the options of the application.

Our review of the BBM:

BBM is an instant messenger developed by BlackBerry and which has always been a tool to be used only by the owners of devices built by the company. The service, now, set aside this exclusivity, also the largest current mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

Download: PC – AndroidiOSBlackBerry

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