Bitstrips for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download

February 1, 2014, Category: Android, Apps, Ipad, Iphone
Bitstrips for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download
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Bitstrips PCBitstrips is a very popular utility on the internet in which you can create fun scenes in comics with the avatars of his friends and that finally comes to smartphones and tablets. The version of mobile devices is almost equal to what we have seen on the web, but has some distinctive features. If you have enough creativity to tell stories, it is possible that like a lot of this tool.

Soon to start the Bitstrips, it is mandatory that you access the app with your personal Facebook account. Although there is an option to log in without Facebook and create another record, she is not yet available in the app (which should occur within the next few weeks). After that, you must choose the gender of the avatar and customize it (the face and the clothes).

An avatar with your face

You can manipulate the designs with plenty of freedom, since you can define the shape of the face, skin tone, eyes, hair style, her features in General (the concept here is that the avatar is as thorough as possible to you in real life). There are various styles of clothing that can be used as social costumes, costumes, casual or social style, among many others. There are many elements to make your avatar look like you.

There is a type of timeline in the app where you can view the comics of his friends and their. The Bitstrips becomes more fun when more friends use it too, because then you will have a greater range of shared characters to use in your stories. All situations of comics are already packed in the app, you can filter the categories and find the scenes that you want to apply.

Simpler comic or insane

The app offers several categories of comics that rely on different events, as mood, different situations, important pronouncements, among others. The stories of the comics are hilarious and in many cases well exaggerated (the main feature of Bitstrips), however it is also possible to find most common tranquillity situations.

You can tag your friends in photos and share comics on Facebook – for the time being, it is not allowed to share your posts on other social networks or websites.

Download: PCAndroidiOS

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