How to play the game Bubble Witch Saga

December 27, 2013, Category: Android, Games
How to play the game Bubble Witch Saga
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Bubble Witch Saga for PCBubble Witch Saga is a game available for iOS and Android devices that relives a classic style from the world of gaming, the “bubbles”, in which you need to aim to eliminate bubbles or balls the other grouped in a single phase. What usually differs in the game’s environment and here you are in the living room of a witch.

The bubbles come out of your cauldron and you need to be attentive to hit them in the right place, otherwise you can lose items that help you do more. The question here, incidentally, is to score more points and get a certain number of stars that will release new sectors of the game.

First the tutorial

The game is divided into several areas, each with different phases. The first features five areas phases and acts as a tutorial, because each time you receive instructions from a black cat. He explains to you what must be done so that you earn stars and stage pass, as well as the possible punishments for their mistakes.

Upon reaching the fifth phase, the tutorial ends and you must walk the bare legs. Win stars will be more difficult and we need to be aware of the “Strelo-Meter” present in the lower right corner of the screen. There is possible to know how many stars (one, two or three) you will win at the end of the stage.

Then it’s for real

Finished the tutorial, the game begins. Anyway, the score and the achievements during the first part of the game remains in sequence, therefore, work the same way. Here everything is still the same: you aim and shoot. Whenever I hit a trio, a spider descends across the screen and hangs by its Web, the bubbles hitting them give more points for you.

Points and more points

The objective of the game is to eliminate the bubbles, but also bring them to fall in the barrels in the ground of each scenario. Each barrel gives a certain number of points for bubble collapsed, and whenever they hit the spiders before falling, you score more. However, you cannot interfere in this process, but only see it all falling.


  • Easy to play
  • Variety of phases


  • Heavy sometimes, it takes too long to load
  • Requires Bluestack Emulator in order to run Bubble Witch Saga on PC

Download: PC – Android

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