Clash of Clans – Online Game

October 14, 2013, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
Clash of Clans – Online Game
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Clash of Clans Online GameThe Clash of Clans Online Game has all the earmarks of going to become one of those games that mark time, and not only within the sector of mobile devices. Its basic mechanics, which gathered the best essence of the genre of strategy, and its cartoonish and fun, air are the highlights of the title. In addition, the recent arrival to Android can be the final step to become a true icon for gamers

The arrival of the Clash of Clans in the Android platform last week has given us a good opportunity to undertake the analysis of a game that can become one of the largest of its kind. This title has shown a capacity similar to the Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Temple Run IOS to trap the user, but is certainly a game much more complex and rich in possibilities.

Multiplayer strategy, but relaxed

Without a doubt, it is intended to engage the lovers of style Age of Empires strategy but it is not as absorbent as other similar titles. The Clans Clash presents many similarities with the Travian, is inevitably open to the multiplayer mode, and us is exposed to attacks by other users, we can make alliances and headings are “a background race”.

However, in the Travian one can have a bad evening and see how the villages has been built with maximum commitment throughout an entire month are devastated. It has its share of grace, we will not deny it. However, in the Clash of Clans attacks can only deprive us of resources but in any grade they will end up with our progress.

Moreover, a good attack another user can bring us much knowledge, since we have access to the way in which raised the battle and so we can see what were our weakest points and work to strengthen them. Ultimately, faced with an experienced user bring us great teachings. Up to us to learn or not of them.

Resources and growth of the village

The development of our village at a basic level depends on the management we do two resource: elixir and gold. Gold usually serves to improve the structural aspects of the game, i.e., buildings, weapons, etc. and the elixir to humans (and superhuman): Army, spells, etc.

There are a couple of elements more must pay attention to that. Gems and the dark elixir. Gems are used mostly to get advantages with respect to other users and get real money or meeting certain challenges. The dark elixir is a type of resource that begins to manage the game a bit Advanced, is three times more powerful (but also more scarce and difficult to achieve.), and is used to create elite troops and heroes.

Aggressive or defensive?

Progress in Clash of Clans to depend totally on your style of play. An aggressive style implies (if done right) faster growth with the elixir as a basic resource, although it requires an investment in barracks or camps; In addition, we must focus also on the improving of the City Council and department stores as soon as possible. The idea is to launch online attacks as we have a minimum recruited army.

Does not need to destroy the opponent completely, simply is necessary to make us an acceptable amount of resources and use wisely our troops to lose the effective minimum. For example, if there are walls, we should remove archers or balloons. If you see any cracks in the defense, goblins, etc. is something that we will learn with time.

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