Clash of Clans for PC – Free Download

September 25, 2013, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone, Mac, Windows
Clash of Clans for PC – Free Download
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Clash of Clans for PCIntroduction to the game – Clash of Clans PC

Clash of Clans is a free to play to the construction of the city created by Supercell. It is your task to guide the development of a Viking camp in a flourishing state of his city, fighting against hordes of goblins and eventually other players online. Online Games quick guide will show you strategy of boot that will provide you with: tips, information and advice on how to get the most out of their village and so grow more quickly.

A game that is a success on iOS since its launch in June of last year. At first, when you start playing, you will have the feeling that you already know this style of game, based on the construction of different buildings and defending your people from the attacks of the Elves. Over time, however, you will notice that a game like Clash of Clans, requires more strategic thinking than an usual way to create you strategy, which will help you to success. I’ve tried the game for Android, and then I offer my impressions.
Of course, the game also has disadvantages, such as graphics, that they are very simple to standards that we see today, and the background music, which is a bit repetitive. But, in general, Clash of Clans is a good game and works very well. At the beginning it will be a hobby, but when you know how to use the social features (chat, facebook) you will increase competition, and the fun will begin. This game is pure entertainment.

Download: PC – Android – iOS

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