Clumsy Ninja Online for PC – Free Download

January 2, 2014, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
Clumsy Ninja Online for PC – Free Download
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Clumsy Ninja for PCClumsy Ninja is a free game for iOS with simple gameplay, graphics and humorous themed ascertained. The user assumes the role of a ninja nothing discreet, and rather clumsy, which is training to sharpen your skills. Your goal is to make him become a master in the martial arts and disguise. Or nearly so.

Actually, Clumsy Ninja is an “evolved version” of apps like the Talking Tom Cat. In the game, the user interacts at all times with the little ninja, which sits on your screen. The possibilities are many, like tickling, tying him to balloons, make him go from one side to the other and etc. It’s a bit childish, but a lot of fun.

To command the ninja, it doesn’t take much effort. And as soon as the user starts the game for the first time, begins his training. Just follow the instructions that are given in the book that sits on the bottom left corner. Every action done successfully, the ninja gets points. Touch again in the book and then “collect” to get the reward.

After completing the training, you will travel to new places and have new tasks to be fulfilled, in addition to different characters to interact. As for earning coins, the user can use them to customize your ninja, with new moves and also customized outfits.

Clumsy Ninja: Gameplay Trailer

Among the other possibilities offered by the Clumsy Ninja are stock images sharing your ninja and the comparison of performance online with anyone who plays the game and is connected to Apple’s Game Center. With so many resources, it has become a success in the App Store.

Follow the instructions and go by completing the missions until your ninja be beast! Or, at least, a little less clumsy. Download and have fun with Clumsy Ninja!

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