September 16, 2013, Category: Games
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DEAD TRIGGER for PC is an FPS that stands out among the zombies games for Android. When you start this game you transportarás you to a 2012 in which civilization has collapsed and many people have been killed by a virus. In this scenario, you will be one of the survivors who must withstand the horde of living dead.

One of the most striking aspects of this title is its graphics, featuring 3D perspectives and detailed textures. Gamers can move smoothly through the scenery, thanks to controls optimized for touch technologies.

After download DEAD TRIGGER for Android you have to run it into Bluestacks Android Emulator in order to play it on your PC. Also you can enjoy a soundtrack of first level, that will accompany your struggle to survive. Animations, exploration and fulfillment of objectives, you will live more than 40 hours of gameplay on your phone or tablet.

With DEAD TRIGGER for PC put to test your skills to survive the advanced zombie. At the same time, you will have to take care of your scarce provisions, protect your refuge, and undertake the massacre with few weapons.

If you want to live this challenging journey, we advise you to download DEAD TRIGGER for PC.

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