DEER HUNTER 2014 – Online Game

December 6, 2013, Category: Games
DEER HUNTER 2014 – Online Game
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DEER HUNTER 2014 - Online GameIf you’re a fan of the DEER HUNTER series, will not be disappointed with the DEER HUNTER 2014 Online. The game comes with dozens of improvements in its new version, ready to let the players even more in love with the game.

The FPS is focused on hunting, which will appeal to a very specific audience. Those interested in the sport will feel in place of a professional Hunter loaded with arms and ammunition.

Incredible Visual and Fluid Animations

One of the positives and that more attention in the DEER HUNTER 2014 is your visual. The game evolved much of its last version here. The app has a scenarios even more complete and well developed.

The details in each scene make the gambling be the ever closer to reality. The app modifies the scenario as the continent where you are playing, leaving the whole experience even better.

Moreover, the animations are app to do jaw-dropping even of the most demanding. Beyond all the fluidity of gambling, every shot done, the player experiences slow camera movements on the screen, watching the bullet crosses the stage and hit the animal in question, causing blood to spill all over the place. In addition, you can view the fall of the slaughtered animal before checking the amount of cash points wins.

Simple and Effective Commands

The commands of the DEER HUNTER evolved much since its first version, and the DEER HUNTER 2014 you will find a series of movements that do not need to be learned by experts. All you need to do is slide your finger on the screen, aim, reach out and make the shot.

No movement is lost by the DEER HUNTER 2014, and you find buttons to do separately each action, which facilitates in time to lead your character without losing any opportunity.

The variety of commands also impresses, since you can do pretty much everything that you would in a real environment. The game allows you to change its positioning at the scene, move the arms, the choice weapon for each action and still use Add-ons that improve their performance in the game. All this through controls with quick answers, that won’t let you down.

Appropriate Difficulty of Levels

It doesn’t matter if you never came close to any DEER HUNTER series title. The game does not begin with a difficulty level so high. At the same time, it also discourages experienced players not to use the early stages to adapt to game commands and responses.

But that doesn’t make the app something boring. The DEER HUNTER 2014 comes with even more elements than their earlier versions and changes of scenery provide experiences that are only possible due to changes in terrain and local climate.

Steps that bring the night fighters, for example, make any player with many hours of experience stay tense and worried. The confrontation of violent animals is also quite exciting, after all, unlike the tamest bugs, if you check around, the hunted here is you.

And nothing like seeing a bear or a Wolf running toward you to annihilate you in pieces of flesh and blood to awaken and improve their performance in the game. For very advanced players, the DEER HUNTER 2014 still counts with the possibility of playing with simpler weapons, below the level indicated by the game itself at each stage.

This will make your game look even more tense and violent, as well as greatly enhance the level of difficulty. When you start to get used to the game, change weapon or leave to make upgrades in your arsenal to see the level of difficulty rises.

Endless Possibilities

The gambling format allows you to have fun with the DEER HUNTER 2014 without getting tired, even if it is a frequent player. He has a huge variety of animals (over 100 species) and scenarios, which causes every step new challenges appear.

As addition, you have at your disposal a huge arsenal of weapons, since elements that can be bought only with game points to weapons that can be acquired with the purchase of special packages.

In addition to the weapons available, it is still possible to perfect on the improvements of each weapon and acquire new elements to make your hunt even more professional. Simply earn points in the game and choose the offers in the shop of DEER HUNTER 2014.

All this makes the game even more attractive for those who want to have fun in a title in career mode, evolving constantly and unlocking new items every new possibility found.

Is it Worth it?

No negative point that the game may present is strong enough to cause the DEER HUNTER 2014 not worth the download. He is quite impressive for a game of its category, being by far the best first person game in Google Play.

The evolution of the title since the first game of the series gets to be frightening: he went from a good match for an indispensable element in the smartphone or tablet of any person fond of games.

And the best thing is that you have a game worthy of the great video game consoles always in your pocket and without having to pay a cent for it. If you want to, you can invest in improvements, but even so the value used in the game generally won’t come close to what you would spend on a PC or gaming console. If you looking for a FPS weight and completely free, do not waste time and start the download of the DEER HUNTER 2014 Online now!

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