How to download Eternity Warriors 3 on PC

January 11, 2014, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
How to download Eternity Warriors 3 on PC
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Eternity Warriors 3Eternity Warriors 3 is a free game for iOS which mixed RPG and action, along the same line games like God of War, and Diablo. In its third version, the game features graphics renewed, but accentuates even more the gameplay during the fighting.

In charge of three Heroes: a swordsman, a monk or an Archer, players will walk through the Kingdom of Change. Ravaged by dragons and demons, the Kingdom is overrun by enemies that players will face. Eternity Warriors 3 has very nice graphics and a dynamic combat system.

It is possible to control the characters through the analog control and attack buttons laid out on the screen. Are only one attack button and up to four buttons for special skills. With these buttons, the player can perform amazing combos without too much difficulty.

Eternity Warriors 3 has an increasing challenge with the short game. Are hundreds of dungeons to explore, and each one features new enemies and devastating. With the money earned in the dungeons, you can purchase new equipment that will reflect immediately on the appearance and abilities of your hero.

How to play Eternity Warriors 3

In Eternity Warriors 3, the player has a simple and dynamic gameplay. Your goal is to walk through the dungeons, defeating enemies, collecting items and increasing the level of your character. The player is the main menu of the game in the city, where you can decide your fate. The missions are located in the menu “Battle”.

When choosing the missions, the player sees a brief mission briefing, giving the needed level and what you could win. Some missions have names that suggest big battles against enemies. For these missions, be fixed for such, and take many portions of cure.

New online mode

One of the novelties of Eternity Warriors 3 are their characteristics similar of an MMORPG. With them, you can now chat with other players, make guilds and participate in tournaments. Win great prizes in tournaments, Player vs Player performed.

Eternity Warriors 3 is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iOS version 5.0 or higher, and is also compatible with iPod Touch 4th generation. Game updates can be made through small additional downloads. Download Eternity Warriors 3, and enjoy!

Download: Eternity Warriors 3 for PC – Eternity Warriors 3 for Android – Eternity Warriors 3 for iOS

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