How To Download Real Steel for PC

January 3, 2014, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
How To Download Real Steel for PC
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Download Real Steel for PCReal Steel shows the underworld of a near future where thousands of robots fight to the death as a form of entertainment. The game has two game modes: Tournament, in which you must fight with all bots that handle, and Free Sparring Mode, which allows you to configure a fight the way you prefer. Its main goal is to defeat all Midas and unlock the secret robots.


If you were impressed with the quality of the movie Real Steel and envisioned a great title fight between robots, download this game on your own. The mobile game is terrible, full of bugs, poor quality graphics and a finish that impresses negatively.

After an introduction full of action, that may even fool the players more optimistic, the menu is presented with some cool features. The possibilities to practice the controls and participate in tournaments like, but soon remove all the enthusiasm for the game.

When you’re in the scenario of struggle by interacting with the robots it is noticed that the controls respond irregularly, with significant time between the Act of pressing the button and the movement performed by the character. The flaw results in a chain of mistakes, leaving in some situations until the fighting stopped.

Real Steel Game for iOS & Android

Although translucent buttons are located almost on the characters, causing the fingers to cover certain parts of the game. The predicament and way, compromising the gameplay and making extremely limited visibility. The combat power of robots offered initially is limited, making the tournament extremely difficult in higher difficulty. The fact may be considered a positive point, since it requires the player to exercise various strategies, merging punches high low blows and special combos.

Despite being inspired by the spectacular universe of the film with elements of the original work, Real Steel compromises its performance for development failures and bad finishing. The bugs are impressive and overshadow the good design of the robots and the scenarios inspired by the feature film. Think twice before purchasing the paid version of the game.


  • Design of robots
  • Scenarios inspired by the title
  • Upgrades system


  • Development failures
  • Irregular response time
  • Soundtrack
  • Location of buttons

Download: Real Steel for PCReal Steel for AndroidReal Steel for iOS

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