Dr. Driving for PC – Free Download

December 14, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Dr. Driving for PC – Free Download
3.17 (63.3%) 315 votes

Dr. Driving for PC - Free DownloadIn Dr. Driving for PC, you take control of a vehicle on a congested city. However, different than you can imagine, here you do not need to run from the police or hit other vehicles.

In fact, your goal is to be a “normal” driver who can’t even get on the sidewalk. Thus, you are required to drive calmly and make soft curves to avoid losing control of the car.

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There are various types of missions, and you can choose which one you want by clicking on “change Mission” from the main menu. The game starts when you click the button “Start” in the lower right corner of the display. The Soundtrack and the sound effects promote a good ambiance while enjoying the game.


  • Many upgrades
  • Good level of difficulty


  • The coolest cars can only be bought through microtransactions
  • Little detailed visuals
  • Generic sounds
  • Be a driver “nice” isn’t much fun

Download: Dr. Driving for PC – Dr. Driving for Android

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