Dragon Dictation for PC – Free Download

October 16, 2013, Category: Mac, Software, Windows
Dragon Dictation for PC – Free Download
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Dragon Dictation for PCDragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software that allows direct conversion of voice to text in almost any computer applications. There are some key points to the successful use of Dragon Naturally Speaking in order to avoid the mistakes of recognition and to make the recognition of Dragon Naturally Speaking dictionary work in accordance with the atmosphere of planned recognition.

General Training

Perform general training is essential to achieve a high percentage of recognition during the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking. General training tool can be easily opened via the menu “Tools” in the “DragonBar”, while the program is running. The general training will provide you with several pages of a story that you have to read aloud, while Dragon Naturally Speaking listening and adapts to your speech patterns. It is recommended to complete several of these general training sessions in order to raise the level of recognition far enough as to allow error-free speech recognition.

Microphone placement

The position of your microphone during the use of Dragon Naturally Speaking must be constant. The differences in the positioning of your microphone in relation to your mouth can result in slightly different voice patterns according to the perception of the software. This will allow recognition of one lower rate of words and decrease productivity. Headphones tend to be better than standing microphones, and headphones with microphone, moreover, provide a static positioning that help an application easier and more accurate of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Download: Dragon Dictation for Windows – Dragon Dictation for Mac

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