Dragon Mania for PC – Free Download

January 28, 2014, Category: Android, Games
Dragon Mania for PC – Free Download
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Dragon Mania for PCDragon Mania is a management game in which you must take care of a real nursery of dragons in his village and create monsters from puppies, cultivating the food necessary for them, giving food in my mouth and improving the habitats of these animals so that they can develop properly.

Protect your home

His village is about to be attacked by Vikings. This way, you must make your dragons grow quickly so they can help you defend your home of the barbarians and destructors that want to invade.

Thus, the only way out is to attack before being attacked. That way, when you have sufficient resources and Dragons to help him go to the village of Vikings and destroy everything you can to prevent them have time and conditions to attack his village.

To play, simply follow the instructions that start a tutorial. You will need to save the teacher of his village captured by the enemy, completing various tasks, build farms, spaces for dragons, houses and various other elements to keep everything working. Other than that, when their dragons are properly grown and trained, you can fight with your friends to see who is the best creator of dragons in the region.

Download: Dragon Mania for PC – Dragon Mania for Android

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