Elfyourself for Android – Free Download

December 25, 2013, Category: Android, Apps
Elfyourself for Android – Free Download
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Elfyourself for AndroidAs the end of the year will come, the Christmas spirit takes care of everyone and, suddenly, elves, artificial snow and “Santas” begin to appear from all sides.

With Elf Yourself, you can confirm this trend, transforming yourself and your friends in funny, friendly and Christmas Elves dancing, that make Christmas more fun and exciting!

All this is possible online, eliminating any type of download. You just have the photo of the person you want to honor with an Elvish dance, and the page automatically adjusts the face of a proper way, who fits under the hood of the Santa’s helper.

Dancing with elves

You can use pictures from your computer, Facebook or take time with the webcam. The good news is that if you choose to use images of the social network, you can browse public photos of all your friends, too, to put them to dance along with you. You can even switch between the three sources in the same Assembly.

The new version of the site is simpler than last year: simply insert the desired photo and place it in the correct location, zooming or rotating to fit better. Don’t worry about leaving perfect, what matters is the fun with their friends, but try using pictures in which you are facing, no hair appearing on the face and of course smiling!

Once selected how the photo will be integrated into the dance, the page automatically positions the image on the video of people dancing the chosen pace. The effect is very funny and will please especially those who put their own pictures in the system. Is a simple and fun guaranteed see yourself dancing with excitement, dressed as a Christmas Elf.

The service ElfYourself allows you to create up to five simultaneously Christmas elves with the faces of your friends, who will dance with you according to the chosen style of music: classical, hip-hop, Soul, a characteristic rhythm of years 80 and, lastly, Charleston, which is a traditional dance old — the latter video has an interesting aspect, with a retro camera film.

Show your friends and have fun this Christmas!

If you enjoyed the dance of the elves and wants to show how their friends were pretty performing the Christmas Carols of many styles, you can share the video on Facebook, Twitter, email or embedded in a page, using HTML code.

If you want, you can purchase the download of the video by a dollar, to keep it forever. If you do not, you will be able to attend the dance of the Elves only Christmas until January 1, 2013 — shortly thereafter, all the material will be removed from the air.

Download: Elfyourself for Android

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