Emoji for PC – Free Download

September 24, 2013, Category: Apps, Iphone, Linux, Mac, Windows
Emoji for PC – Free Download
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Emoji for PCThe symbols and signs “emoji” are more complete and colorful characters that you can show and represent web pages or documents, have been created by the Japanese and widely used their cell phones and web sites.
They have become very popular by the representative and aesthetically to have much value, plays a significant part in them the broad Eastern pictorial tradition.

Unicode includes a broad representation of these symbols in version 6.0, for example:

• Miscellaneous symbols and pictographs (range: 1F300 – 1F5FF)
• Transport and map symbols (range: 1F680 – 1F6FF)

Unfortunately Windows does not include any source that contains them, so you do not have any value to include them in any website for Facebook or any other site, since no one will see them load it into your browser.
However be used in the local papers and presentations computer, although it is essential for that install on your computer the necessary supply.

Sources containing Emoji characters

The source that contains the greater part of them and can be used in Windows is called Symbola, (not to confused with the Symbol of Microsoft included in Windows font) is a kind of container of symbols by the developer George Douros, who collected an immense amount of emoji characters, added them to others and compiled the source.

Symbola is a Unicode font of ancient symbols, emoji, old signs of Byzantine art, characters also contains Greek, Egyptian, Arabic, technical symbols, transportation, communication and chemistry and Alchemy, maps, lots of emoticons, etc.
In short they have installed in our system the Symbola source gives us the ease of having an infinite number of pictographic characters useful for any task.

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