Fruit Ninja for PC – Free Download

July 12, 2013, Category: Blog, Games
Fruit Ninja for PC – Free Download
4.7 (94%) 150 votes

fruit-ninja-for-pc-free-downloadFruit Ninja is the Windows version of the popular game of the ninja who cut fruit. The game works on Windows 7/8/XP/Vista. The objective in Fruit Ninja is all fruit parts that appear on the screen and avoid detonating bombs coming from time to time. As the game progresses, the action will become more frantic and the thing is complicated. To get the most Fruit Ninja is recommended to use a touch screen. But it is not essential, with the mouse you can also cut fruit out left and right.

Fruit Ninja is a fun, addictive and well done, the game has amazing graphic effects that you will enjoy.

Download Fruit Ninja for PC

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