Garden Mania – How to download

October 22, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Garden Mania – How to download
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Garden Mania for AndroidGarden Mania is a fun game in which you have to combined fruit and vegetables in threes to collect them and overcome the various levels. We have to you have the maximum concentration and measure our movements to get our points record.

In the garden of Garden Mania fruits grow disorderly and to collect them must be joining them in the minor possible movements. The game is very similar to other famous titles as Candy Crush Saga, as it is to make rows of equal elements to overcome screens.

At the beginning, the collection will be simple, but levels throughout mission is complicated, because we have to get one crop more screens with more convoluted ways and in which will appear enemies like insects.

According to the expertise that we have, we will get more or less coins. You can also purchase them in the physical store of the game. With them, we will have the possibility of resorting to some tools that will help us in moments of difficulty.

For example, you can make use of a shovel with which we can harvest fruit directly. Also a mower that will sweep a whole row; or even a shower that will reap slammed all the carrots, mushrooms, beans, etc.

But the coins will not be our only reward, because depending on the skills that we demonstrate in each level we will be able to overcome it one, two or three stars. We will be able to make us all?

Download: Android

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