Garfield Kart for Android – Free Download

December 19, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Garfield Kart for Android – Free Download
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Garfield Kart for AndroidWe can safely say that racing games are successful forever in the world of video games. And requested also remains true in relation to applications developed for devices that use Android operating system. In addition, when Nintendo released the classic Mario Kart in the mid-1990, the kart games became more famous.

Then, thinking about this success, the developer Anuman Interactive has launched the production Garfield Kart, it dries the same logic of the game themed with the mustachioed plumber of the Big N, however, with the world’s most famous fat cat as the main character. The similarities between the titles include the existence of icons throughout the slopes, which provide special items to the runners.

So, expect to find races full of emotion and of shootings in Garfield Kart, watered with the best look of cartoon. It is true that you need to pay a small fee to download the game, but that won’t prevent you enjoy a very thrilling experience and competitiveness. Try Garfield Kart right now.

Download: Garfield Kart for Android

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