Grepolis for Android – Free Download

December 25, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Grepolis for Android – Free Download
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Grepolis for AndroidRelive an ancient society as important as Greece is the dream of many players, who hardly leaves the imagination of who plays. In Grepolis you take control of a Greek city and walks to make it a metropolis able to crush his opponents.

Real-time strategy?

Not exactly. It’s easy to see in Grepolis the increments that strategy games are suffering. Not too long ago and you was only with some photos and had to imagine everything about the game.

Grepolis is not enough to be no RTS, but it outlines interesting graphics. You have access to a general map and see how far your opponents are. Inside your town you can see all the buildings and to observe their workers into action.

Keep waiting …

Its purpose couldn’t be more classic: raise your town, form armies and conquer enemies. Although Grepolis rely on a visual support, the most striking factor of browser games is still present: the wait.

Be to erect new buildings, recruit or army to plunder a city, the animations and the action of the game give rise to a stopwatch. After sending his men to the war, all he can do is wait and hope for the best.


  • Easy to understand
  • Interesting soundtrack
  • Simple and lightweight graphics capabilities


  • Repetitive theme.
  • Greatest achievements only to paying guests.
  • Plot unclear

Download: Grepolis for Android

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