Hungry Shark Evolution for PC

October 14, 2013, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone, Mac, Windows
Hungry Shark Evolution for PC
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Hungry Shark Evolution for PCHungry Shark Evolution is a very violent game in which players take the role of a great white shark. Your goal is to wander the sea and devour every living thing that you find, like gulls, fish and even swimmers.

Control the creature is very easy, because simply slide your finger on the screen to make a mini D-pad appears. In addition, you can increase the speed touching a second finger on the interface, which allows the animal to give big jumps and catch bugs faster.

The insatiable creature can improve their attributes to each round. You can also buy bonuses which increase significantly the speed, the strength or the energy of the large Carnivore.

Our review of Hungry Shark Evolution:

If you are looking for an unusual and violent game, Hungry Shark Evolution has an amazing set able to captivate any type of gamer. Controlling a great white shark that swims freely by sea, your goal is to eat all the fish, people and anything you find.

The simple control scheme, which only requires that you slide your finger on the screen, it is very easy to master and let the fun gameplay. In addition, the upgrades and the insatiable hunger of the animal remain choppy departures and very frantic.

The possibility of exploring the scenario also adds many points to freely work because you can wander the sea while discovering new creatures and mysterious items. And, as there is no need to worry about following any kind of sequence, the game becomes relaxing and very nice to spend the time.

A carnivore insatiable

The raw Visual display a lot of blood and pieces of flesh when the shark eats his victims, which should delight players who enjoy realistic games. The scenery full of details and all the three-dimensional modeling of creatures are of excellent quality, making you feel like you’re playing a piece for console.

The sound effects also surprised by realism, creating a climate of great action that motivates gamers to continue exploring and preying on other species. In turn, the melody that packs the gambling is varied and very fun.

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