How to install Pixel Gun 3D on PC

January 29, 2014, Category: Games
How to install Pixel Gun 3D on PC
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Pixel Gun 3D PCPixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooter that will surprise fans of the classic Minecraft. Exploring pixelated scenarios fully built with bricks, the mission is to have Buckshot in the zombies and survive.

There are several ways for you to have fun, like “CAMPAIGN” (campaign), “SURVIVAL” (survival), “DEATHMATCH” (fight to the death) and “COOPERATIVE” (Cooperative). Many of them are single player, as the first and the second. However, the other offer the possibility to play with gamers from all over the world (“WORLDWIDE”) or with friends in local network (“SITE”).

Our review of Pixel Gun 3D:

Minecraft fans cannot help but check out the Pixel 3D Gun (Minecraft style). With exactly the same artistic style of the classic MOJANG, the app from RiliSoft Ltd creates a perfect world for players who do not conform to only use swords and bows.

Focus on unrestrained action

The gameplay is very similar to the original title, since the aim and the movements are controlled by sliding your thumbs on the ends of the display. However, the buttons that serve to pull the triggers of the guns provide more action.

The missions of the campaign and the large number of single player modes provide lots of fun for gamers that prefer to play alone. Evolution is constant, there are plenty of weapons and items and the level of difficulty increases consistently, making the AOP addictive.

The multiplayer matches are intense and extremely fast, since players are moving all the time and jumps without stopping. Nevertheless, response times are acceptable, ensuring that you can defend yourself without really suffer with lag.

Weapons and fighting online

The possibilities for customization and the guns are great incentives for the hardcore gamers who enjoy development and competition. However, prices will hinder salted enough things for people who aren’t willing to spend real money.

Visually, there’s nothing to complain about in the Pixel 3D Gun (Minecraft style). The game is a near perfect clone of Minecraft, and admirers of this creative artistic style won’t find anything to complain about.

The sounds also follow in the same line, keeping alive the indie appeal of original work. The sounds of the weapons are relatively realistic and helps a lot in climate action.

Download: Pixel Gun 3D for PC

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