iOS 7 Launcher – Android Theme

February 25, 2014, Category: Android, Apps
iOS 7 Launcher – Android Theme
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iOS-7-LauncheriOS 7 Launcher is an application launcher that changes the topic from the home screen of Android, leaving it equal to that of the iOS 7. Not only the structure of the screen is changed to look like an iPhone with the latest version of Apple’s operating system, but also the icons, which are also like the OS Android rival.

This application works in a very simple way, rather just your installation to take effect. Automatically, the new will reorders the icons, leaving them all in the initial screens of Android, retiring the traditional drawer system apps.

You can also modify the transition effects, customizing the user experience. Quick access to the settings of the theme and the Android wallpapers are also other features present in iOS 7 Launcher.

iOS 7 on your Android

After you install and open iOS 7 Launcher, press the “home” button on your Android device and choose iOS 7 Launcher “as default. With that, whenever you repeat such action, you do not need to reconfigure it and the new theme will be accessed automatically, leaving the device like iPhone.

There’s no need to perform any other configuration — unless you want to change the transition effect between the application screens. Finalized that, just enjoy the beautiful visual of the iOS 7:0 pm your Android without any deep modification. To get back to normal, simply uninstall the application.

Download: iOS 7 Launcher

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