Jelly Splash – How to run and play

December 30, 2013, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
Jelly Splash – How to run and play
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Jelly-Splash PCJelly Splash is a game for Facebook also available for Android and iOS in which you must use your quick thinking to create sequences with gelatins of same colors to meet the goals of each phase. When forming lines of three or more similar items, you accumulate points to climb the ranks and overcome your friends – the bigger your sequences, higher your score.

The Earth Jelly Land is being attacked by a gooey black entity that threatens its inhabitants, and it is up to you to help the jellies to defeat dangerous enemies, rescue his helpless allies imprisoned and eliminate once and for all the source of this evil. There are more than 180 stages so far, and the number only tends to increase with time.

Jelly Splash An Interesting Growing Challenge

The game features a progression episode to episode, each unlocked only after completing the previous one. As you advance through the stages, the level of difficulty of the game increases, either by the appearance of barriers, the establishment of limit to the number of moves or the creation of new goals, increasingly complex.

Although at first the player need only reached a certain amount of points, progress in the missions do arise new challenges, such as eliminating the black goo that appears under some of the jellies or to release the gelatins prey at some point to create several sequences that pass through them.

When creating sequences with five or more jellies, you causes arising on the screen some Powerpuff gelatins, capable of eliminating row or entire columns of parts. Queues that go through two or more of these little bright beings make the final piece of the series eliminate your entire row and column at the same time, causing a great impact on the stage and on many points.

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