Jetpack Joyride – Online Game

January 10, 2014, Category: Games
Jetpack Joyride – Online Game
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Jetpack Joyride - Online GameThe game is another title success of Halfbrick Studios that always bet on addictive casual games. The simple, sticky soundtrack is one of the elements which contribute further to the game be so captivating.

The crazy plot where a man falls in love with a jet pack should not be taken seriously, the principal here is casual fun. With simplified control and accurate mechanism, just touch the screen, the Halfbrick Studios managed to make one of the most addictive games for smartphones and tablets.

The big stimulus created in the game is to always try to reach further into the adventure of Barry Steakfries in escaping from a lab full of dangers. The power-ups are fun and offer a wide variety in gameplay. Some of them are based on well-known characters of nerd culture as the “Terminator” and Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Despite being quite addictive, get very far in the game can be a difficult task if the player chooses not to spend a penny with purchases within the application. The recommended is to buy at least the item which ensures duplication of coins collected. This item makes faster the task of collecting all the clothes and power-ups of the game without stressing the player.

Jetpack Joyride free to download and play, there’s nothing to complain about in this game. Accurate controls, mechanical fun and even though the gameplay may seem repetitive, that’s the basis of any casual game. Jetpack Joyride hit full in those seeking fun in pure and simple.

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