KlipMix for Android – Free Download

December 18, 2013, Category: Android, Apps
KlipMix for Android – Free Download
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KlipMix for AndroidKlipMix is a tool that allows you to create videos from the montage of photos or performing cuts on excerpts from previously recorded videos with your smartphone. It is possible to join and separate any part, rearrange the content on line and put songs to play in the background.

Create your video presentations easily

The application can handle multiple images at the same time, but they need to be previously edited in the case of pictures. The videos can be cut, but no other effect can be applied from the KlipMix. That way, after leaving his images treated to create the video, start using the app as if it were mounted a clipping of images in sequence by dragging items from one side to the other in the line of execution.

The files should be saved in MP4, which allows the execution of the clips in various devices, since smartphones to TVs. still, it’s important not to interrupt the work of the tool when you are saving the contents.

Download: KlipMix for Android

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