LINE for PC – Free Download

July 6, 2013, Category: Apps
LINE for PC – Free Download
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LINE-for-PC-Free-DownloadPC version of the popular free messenger app LINE. Close to the iPad version talk (chat) screen design and comfortably talk with LINE. Bring healing and laughter to talk with comic emoticons / stamp is alive and well and sending pictures / videos option are available. The PC Version of the app is most comfortable for long talks.

To use the PC version of LINE you only need to download the software application to your PC operating system such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as for Mac and Linux. You will be able to login using the same address PC version by registering the email settings menu for smartphones. After you log usage is much like Smartphones. Pick your opponent in your friends list, open talk (chat) screen and enter the characters or emoticons, just press Enter to send a chat. Talk history is stored in the server LINE, same content from PC or Smartphones.

Should not effect on the increase or the chat screen with customizable and given extra download for typing on PC keyboard as a benefit unique to PC version fast chat be able to advance all the stamps is available in. Available at the same time the work talk is not only comfortable and even see the Web is useful.

Is a free PC software LINE are available free speech apps LINE Messenger functionality on PC. If you talk with sumaho users may be surprised to speed of response.

Download Line for PC:

Download for Windows |  Download for Mac OS X

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