LINE Pokopang for PC – Free Download

January 17, 2014, Category: Android, Games
LINE Pokopang for PC – Free Download
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LINE Pokopang for PCLINE Pokopang is a quick game that mixes the old mechanics called colored jewels with battles against monsters. Each mission represents a struggle against a bug that appears at the top of the interface.

The more stones of the same type you plug in Board, more blows the enemy receives. In addition, you need to be fairly quick, since the bug also attacks and changes the colors of the stones to avoid you to make good combinations.

Like all games based on the Messenger LINE, you need to have the application installed on your device and be properly registered. This application is interesting because the game offers options of interaction with their friends.

Our review of LINE Pokopang:

Mixing a scenario full of colored diamonds that must be connected and fights against monsters, the LINE Pokopang requires quick thinking and skill to defeat your opponents and earn points.

Battles with colors

The gameplay is fast, but does not require much reasoning, since the same coloured parts seem to group themselves, ensuring successive combos. Despite this, the battle that occurs at the top of the screen let the weather a little more agitated, because every second lost give chances to the monster to interfere in their plans.

The large number of upgrades is a great incentive for players who like to evolve and challenges. However, the higher prices encourage the use of microtransactions and also induce gamers to send mass invitations to their friends, factor that may annoy a lot of people.

A little polluted

LINE Pokopang charts are expressive and reveal whim on the part of the developers. The cartoon style, very colorful images and animations exaggerated consolidate a very cool climate. However, the interface screens are somewhat polluted due to the large number of pop-ups and messages.

The sticky melody that accompanies the action matches perfectly with the style of children’s LINE Pokopang. However, the high rate of repetition can make many people decide to leave the gadget in silent mode, since the lack of effects and the songs don’t negatively affect gambling.


  • Gambling uncompromised
  • Very beautiful visuals
  • Social interactions with LINE contacts
  • Many items and upgrades


  • Expensive transactions
  • Some polluted screens
  • Calls constantly to invite friends

Download: LINE Pokopang for PCLINE Pokopang for AndroidLINE Pokopang for iOS

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