MomentCam for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download

December 16, 2013, Category: Android, Apps, Ipad, Iphone
MomentCam for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download
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MomentCam for PCMomentCam for PC is an application for Android and iOS which also works on PC via Bluestack emulator, in which users can embed their faces in the most disconcerting situations represented in form of caricature. When using the device’s camera, the app can extract faces of a picture and turn them into a simulation of sketches made in pencil, which can be inserted in various caricatures.

How to use MomentCam for PC?

To perform an edition you must open your smartphone’s camera and take a picture of a face in close-up. If your appliance has front camera, the program can identify it. Thus, it facilitates a picture is made more accurate even when the user is alone.

Then the software extracts in a few seconds the face present and carries all the editing options with lots of funny cartoons in which the face can be inserted. The editing possibilities allow to be added several accessories and also many customization options for the structure of the face of the design chosen.

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There is the availability of add glasses, eye patches, beard and different types of haircut to make the end result even funnier. There are more than 50 types of cartoons made to let you in the most absurd situations, such as in a bath, in sexy poses or in some scenes of classic Hollywood films.

The user has the option to draw with your fingers over the caricature or insert your signature before you save the final result. The application has option to share with the WeChat. However, the image can be sent to the device memory to which subsequently is shared with any social network that supports sharing photos like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Download MomentCam and enjoy!

Download: MomentCam for PC – MomentCam for Android – MomentCam for iOS

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