Ninja Saga for PC – Free Download

January 15, 2014, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
Ninja Saga for PC – Free Download
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Ninja Saga for PCNinja Saga is a Role-Playing adventure game which puts you in the role of a young ninja Warrior. In the middle of a great war of factions, you need to develop your skills quickly if you want to survive.

In the beginning, you choose one of the four warriors available. Each character has different skills and attributes that change the mechanics of the game. Regardless of your choice, any warrior can specialize in two areas that utilize the elements of nature, such as fire and water.

To gain experience, you must complete the quests offered by the Hokage according to your level. The first type shows special missions that vary by time of year. The second displays a mission by level, available only once a day since the last account with missions between the level 1 and 19, as they are for the class “Genin” of the Ninja-missions “B Grill” and “grid” are available after reaching level 20 and 40, respectively.

In every mission, you need to fight against several opponents: the only difference between their types is the need or not to click on the map to start a battle. As your level increases, more money is accumulated in savings and new skills are available for training in “Academy”.

Our review of the Ninja Saga:

In Ninja Saga, you embarks on a medieval adventure in a magic world and dangerous. In the shoes of a young warrior ninja who meets for the first time the friction of a large and bloody war, you need to rapidly develop your skills if you want to survive.

The gameplay of the title is a mix of genres involving turn-based strategy RPG. You see most elements of the game like the statically village displays all important options with which you need to interact, for example, the gun shop, the arena and his home.

Time to fight the moves in shifts add a very interesting strategic appeal, since each opponent (as well as its own character) has strengths and weaknesses that vary according to the selected class. In turn, the RPG style attributes allow you to evolve your uniquely Warrior and congruent.

The visuals, as well as in most games of this genre, are simple and less elaborated. The cartoon-style images and simplistic animations are compatible with the level of difficulty of the title. However, all the elements were well-crafted and you will hardly find technical defects in the charts.

Regarding sound, Ninja Saga brings a rich set, full of expressive effects and a song of seasons that should please people who love Japanese culture. All actions are well represented, creating a consistent climate. However, some details abuse some of the highest volume.

If you like ninjas and are looking for a strategy game with RPG characteristics, Ninja Saga has everything to please you. Even with an appeal a little childish-and consequently a lower difficulty level – the title has many options and, in more advanced levels, offers challenges worthy for the best tacticians.


  • Several classes and attributes
  • Good sound set


  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Ninja Saga on PC
  • Simple animations

Download: Ninja Saga for PCNinja Saga for AndroidNinja Saga for iOS

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