Nun Attack: Run & Gun for Android – Free Download

December 25, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Nun Attack: Run & Gun for Android – Free Download
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Nun Attack: Run & Gun for AndroidNun Attack: Run & Gun is the second game from Frima Studio that puts players in control of a group of nuns armed to the teeth. Just as in the previous title, the Noon Attack, here the goal is to shoot the demons and save money.

However, the gameplay has changed a lot and now follows a standard two-dimensional Running. In this way, the selected character runs non-stop and you have to help you overcome obstacles.

To jump, just tap the arrow on the left corner of the display and to make the nun down, there’s a button on the right side. The shots are made by clicking on the icon in the shape of a pistol. As you add money, you can buy upgrades and unlock other runners, like Olga, Mandy and Eva.


  • Fast and challenging gameplay
  • Precise controls
  • Many upgrades
  • Flashy visuals
  • Exciting visuals

Download: Nun Attack: Run & Gun for Android

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