Papa Pear Saga for Android – Free Download

November 2, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Papa Pear Saga for Android – Free Download
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Papa Pear Saga for AndroidPapa Pear Saga for Android is an amazing game in which we will have to launch fun pears against a screen full of fruit that will make them bounce off a number of times. More rebounds you can get, the more points you will earn. This great adventure from the creators of Candy Crush Saga that have already swept between Facebook users and the land of mobile screens.

Each screen will have a certain number of shots from the cannon at the top. With him we have to refine our aim if we are ready to meet the objectives of the level. This is one of the lures of a game that is not bouncing out of control with the sole purpose of increasing the score, but you will have to complete tasks with the least number of shots possible.

Some of these tasks, for example, lead us to Dunk in each of the containers gluttons located at the bottom of the screen in order to wake them from their sleep. In other cases, we will have to get to pull all the giant fruits that are placed on their respective platforms.

When we complete this mission we will receive succulent bonuses for every surplus Papa. In addition we will see a final screen with a summary of the score and a rating in the form of stars. At this point we can, also connect the session with our Facebook profile to challenge our friends or ask for their help.

In conclusion, if you are of those who engaged in this game in the stage in the social network, as if you are looking for new challenges with the charm and simplicity of Candy Crush Saga, we recommend you to download this fantastic game.


• Wide variety of missions and objectives at each level
• Very attractive and colourful aesthetics
• Easy to use
• Impressive bonuses and special AIDS during the game
• Possibility to connect with Facebook to challenge your friends


• Users who purchase lives will have a clear advantage over the rest

Download: Papa Pear Saga for Android

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