Papa Pear Saga for PC – Free Download

December 26, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Papa Pear Saga for PC – Free Download
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Papa Pear Saga for PCPope Pear Saga for PC can create a fun and lively atmosphere, which you won’t want to leave, for a very simple style of play. Like other King titles, mechanics is uncomplicated and the level of difficulty is only moderate, and you can move through many phases without frustration.

The main attraction of the game is a combination of visual colorful and humorous with a relaxing soundtrack. The drawings are well prepared and give personality to characters. This feature brings the pears of Papa Pear Saga to another famous icon of the games, the angry Angry Birds.

These games also share the same addictive appeal, gameplay a few movements and great Visual and audio resources that end up arresting the attention of players. It is possible that the King has found a game to overcome the success of Candy Crush Saga, especially because there is the possibility of exploring the characters of Pape Pear Saga.

The game also has a good amount of phases and different objectives to be achieved. Integration with social networking is also quite practical and fuels the competition between you and your friends. The idea of showing on a map the progress of each player encourages you to reach your Facebook partners.

If there is a negative aspect to note about Pope Pear Saga, is that you rely on a little more of luck than of skill matches. You can even aim and try to imagine the trajectory of his pears on the scene, between targets and obstacles, but it is impossible to predict with certainty the result. That takes the fun or the fun of the game.

Download: Papa Pear Saga for PCPapa Pear Saga for Android

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