Pet Rescue Saga – Online Game

December 15, 2013, Category: Games
Pet Rescue Saga – Online Game
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Pet Rescue Saga  Online GamePet Rescue Saga is a light and entertaining game able to please players of all ages. The first impression that the game has is its visual cheerful, colorful, full of phases, and with totally clear instructions. In the first second, gives to understand what is to be done and, thus, the game advances in the blink of an eye.

The mechanics of combining and destroy blocks is not exactly a novelty, but it’s pretty fun with the elements that make up the game. The main of them is the presence of lovely pets, which are on top of the pieces and rejoice in the hope of reaching the ground and be saved.

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Another interesting factor is the existence of several goals that alternate frequently. Sometimes you have to focus on other points, the amount of movement, others, on the number of pets rescued. The short duration of the phases is more a positive item. Thanks to him, the player can choose how much to play without a get stuck in a single match.

The sounds that mark the destruction of blocks and other events also contribute to involvement in the game. The songs have smooth style and background alternate between phases in order to avoid that tiresome repetition. For those who do not like to play with music, there is also the option to disable it in the upper right corner of the screen.

With so many qualities, Pet Rescue Saga can be a great fun both for who is a fan of the style, as for first-time players. With too much time gambling comes the inevitable wear and tear, but, unfortunately, no game is totally immune to it.

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