Pet Rescue Saga for PC – Free Download

October 18, 2013, Category: Android, Apps, Mac, Windows
Pet Rescue Saga for PC – Free Download
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Pet Rescue Saga for PCPet Rescue Saga comes to save animals that are trapped by their kidnappers. This simple and fun game you can find also for Facebook and play it online, for Android and Iphone. Pet Rescue Saga for PC, will not fail to surprise you, since this version brings us new levels and new pets.

To install this program, you will have to play it through some emulators such as Bluestacks, or through the official game page, although there are available many other web sites where you can download Pet Rescue Saga without problems and without any cost.

In addition, you’ll love this addictive game, since you play a role of hero, saving all the animals that appear locked on each screen. As you go overcoming the various challenges that you arise, you will obtain a series of bonus.

A fun puzzle that will be bringing you different challenges as you go each time becoming an expert on rescuing pets, all of them are adorable, with a few sad for being caught, eyes that will make you want to save them at all costs.

Play from the official website

Through the page of its creators,, where you can play this animal game. No need to download it since you can directly play the way online without having to install anything.

Emulator BlueStacks

By using this emulator, you can download the program. To do this, you must first install and run BlueStacks, and once done, you can find Pet Rescue Saga and play it whenever you want from your PC or Mac. Download is free so do not wait more to have it!

These are some of the options that exist for Pet Rescue to download and enjoy this magnificent game, that will not only entertain but also will hook you, since it turns out to be a somewhat addictive game, so spend the hours without even realizing you already.

Start to saving animals!

Download: PC

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