PhotoFunia for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download

October 12, 2013, Category: Android, Apps, Ipad, Iphone, Mac, Windows, Windows Phone
PhotoFunia for PC (Windows 7/8/Mac) – Free Download
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PhotoFunia for PCWith PhotoFunia for PC you can create Super photos in seconds from the website, free and without records. Put your face into spaces and incredible situations and have a good time showing the result to your friends.

You only have to choose between more than 100 effects that PhotoFunia PC available on their home page; There are all kinds, from placing your photo in a billboard to put your face on the Sphinx of Egypt or the protagonist of twilight. You can upload any photo that has the right size and a face clear (the program will take care of discovering it with a face detector). It accepts JPG, GIF or PNG formats. You can also take a picture with the webcam at that time. Press the Go button! And in a few seconds you’ll see as the photomontage.

Then you can save the file to your PC either share on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and even to send the photo as a postcard. You will not tire of fun trying all the effects offered by PhotoFunia!

Download: PhotoFunia for PC – PhotoFunia for Android – PhotoFunia for iOS – PhotoFunia for Windows Phone

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