Pou – Online Game

October 5, 2013, Category: Games
Pou – Online Game
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Pou Online GameWhile Pou Online is a game specially geared to the mobile platform, currently available for Mobile Android, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions, there is an option that allows us to obtain Pou for PC and play it almost in the same way that we do it from any mobile device. The procedure to achieve this requires simply have installed on the computer the application BlueStacks, available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, in addition to Mac OS X.

Whatever the operating system that we use, the first thing we need to do is access the official website of BlueStacks and then download the executable file which, in the case of Windows, has a size of 8.8 MB, while its size is 116 MB for Mac. Once we have installed the software on the system, the next step is to run the program and then click the icon ‘Search’ which is located at the top of the main window.

How to install Pou for PC

Then we will have to enter the name of the game, in this case Pou to PC, and then press the Enter key. From the list of results we select the first option that appears to us and then click on the option “Install”, located on a side. Once we have done this will be asked to select the app store from where we want to download the game, preferably select Google Play, although there is also the option of Amazon Store.

The following is again clicking on the option “Install”, for thus the game is installed in the system and we can play it using the BlueStacks software. Before the game, even before installing it is important to mention that you need a Google account, since otherwise the game can not to play unless clear to take anything the Pou apk file, with which it is no longer necessary and can be done without major requirements.

Download Pou Bluestacks PC

The disadvantage of this method is that we are exposed to that some kind of malware can infect your computer, since many of the sites from which such apk files are downloaded are not entirely reliable. For this reason, the most convenient method is the install Pou to PC directly using the BlueStacks Emulator. Another important thing that is worthwhile to point out is that the mechanics of the game remains the same, however to play it in a desktop computer the touch function disappears, unless clear you have a monitor with these characteristics.

Moreover, the game experience is very similar to how it would be to play it from any mobile device and even a game of the game can be saved when it was run from mobile phones and any other time the game from the PC.

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