How to run and install Pou on PC

September 23, 2013, Category: Android, Games
How to run and install Pou on PC
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Pou for PCPou is a fun game where you have to take care of a very special pet. Here you will have your manager a friendly extraterrestrial creature that will require your attention to survive.

This proposed entertaining invite you to bathe, feed and play with a funny be alien. In addition, as advances in the challenge, you’ll see grow to Pou and you unlock awards and achievements. The surprises will include wallpapers for the room of the small Martian and sexy swimsuits.

On the other hand, after downloading Pou for PC you will have the opportunity to customize Pou as you want. You clothe it and make it freely, using glasses and clothes of all kinds. In this pet game, you collect coins that you’ll find in the course of the days, whose buildup will allow you to obtain new bonds.

Since it is a game developed for mobile, you will need the help of an emulator running Pou for PC. In this regard, we suggest you download BlueStacks, a program that will give you the ability to run applications for Android on your computer.

For all this, download Pou and BlueStacks, and starts the fun that will entertain you during your free time.

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