How to run and play Samurai Siege

January 10, 2014, Category: Android, Games, Ipad, Iphone
How to run and play Samurai Siege
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Samurai Siege for PCSamurai Siege is a game for Android and iOS in which the main goals are to defend the honor of his people, keeping the loyalty and bravery, which are the principles of any Samurai. Build walls, buildings and an army full of power and thirst for glory, are just a few features for great and expected battle between shoguns.

With direct object, the game is based in a village was where Japanese medial death and achievement go hand in hand. It is the most feared among all fields of battle, leading residents to Bushido.

The incredible graphics coupled with a well-planned interface make this title a true explosion of visuals on the screen of the device. Scenarios and fully 3D textures elevate the General aspect of this title, as well as its visual effects.

Are you ready to be a leader? So put on your armor and make a download of Samurai Siege, which is an incredible adventure.

Our Opinion:

The combination between general aspects let Samurai Siege ahead of many other games of the genre. If you’re a fan of games like Clash of Clans, certainly quite fun with this amazing adventure.

With the popular tower defense system, the game takes the medieval experience of Japan for the screens of mobile devices. Pretty graphics, full of color and well-worked scenarios are just the beginning of the points that draw attention.

Various types of units, each with its particularity, transforming the strategy of the game, gathering an army of your choice, transforming the tactics of combat in their best Companion.

This is a great app and I’m sure will leave positive impressions for those who play, be it a strict player or not.Various levels, epic battles and the glory of the land of the rising sun are waiting for you in Samurai Siege to Android and iOS.


  • Whimsical graphics
  • Great audio
  • Simple and fun gameplay


  • Loading screens may take too much time
  • Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Samurai Siege on PC

Download: PC – Android – iOS

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