Scribblenauts for PC – Free Download

December 13, 2013, Category: Games
Scribblenauts for PC – Free Download
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Scribblenauts for PC - Free DownloadScribblenauts Unmasked is a learning game for Windows PCs that mixes the superhero theme. When writing words to solve problems, the player has fun and learns new words, with the possibility of generating thousands of items and different characters, some famous and others not so much.

In control of the hero Maxwell, the player will encounter with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, wonder woman, Lex Luthor, Joker, Catwoman and many other colorful characters in comics published by DC Comics, with faithful versions to the original works, including versions of “alternate universes”, where the heroes change their appearance and way of being.

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Only Batman, for example, has more than 10 different ways, each one suited to a type of situation. You need to think to solve the puzzles and challenges presented by the game, which are not as difficult, but in some cases involve situations absurdly funny and unusual.

Scribblenauts Unlimited brings not merely DC Comics characters, but is totally setting in the famous scenery of comics, as Gotham City, Metropolis, Planet Oa, Atlantis and more. Scenarios where the epic battles between forces of evil have met.

The campaign of Scribblenauts Unlimited is huge and with many possibilities, either through the puzzles or the edit mode, which allows you to create unique characters, mixing elements of other icons and figures.

Enjoy Unlimited Scribblenauts for fun with the heroes of DC and learn playing!

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