SHADOWGUN: DeadZone for PC – Free Download

December 15, 2013, Category: Android, Games
SHADOWGUN: DeadZone for PC – Free Download
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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone for PCShadowgun Deadzone for PC is the new version of the now classic Shadowgun. In this game, you won’t find story mode and even bosses. The game was remodeled from the original to function as a fun and exciting shooting game online for Android and iOS.

In Deadzone Shadowgun there are four characters to choose from and go out the different phases of the game to shoot on your friends and enemies. You also can control the main characters from the previous game as John Slade, Jean-Luc de Meyer, Jessica Metzger and Assassin.

SHADOWGUN: DeadZone Interface

The commands of the game are the same as the previous game. With a virtual d-pad and buttons, you can feel the whole experience of playing a video game. The game graphics, exceptional and very beautiful, also help the player have the feeling to be playing an Xbox 360 game on your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to the classical Deadzone Shadowgun machine guns and rifles, the game features new weapons like a pod of battle, a robot, which can be activated to help kill enemies or simply distract them while you turn around to catch them from behind.

Deadzone Shadowgun, although very nice and refined, is still in “BETA” testing phase. Because of this, many devices are not compatible with the game that is exclusive to smartphones and tablets with Nvidia Tegra processor 3.

Download: SHADOWGUN: DeadZone for PC – SHADOWGUN: DeadZone for Android

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