Skylanders Battlegrounds for Android – Free Download

December 25, 2013, Category: Android, Games
Skylanders Battlegrounds for Android – Free Download
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Skylanders Battlegrounds for AndroidSkylanders Battleground is a fairly competent action game, indicated as much for children as for adults. Putting you in control of a pair of creatures, the game features exciting battles in which it must be attentive to what happens on the screen to be successful.

The highlight is the immense amount of creatures, whose selection can be unlocked in ways quite varied. Discover the best possible combination of heroes to overcome an obstacle is something quite amusing, and the system proved a great way to bring a greater variety to the title.

What disappoints is the fact that the game’s menus are presented very congested, especially when the matches are held on your smartphone. In addition, the fact that, to unlock all creatures need to invest an absurd amount of time unless you wish to invest real money in the process.


  • Wide variety of characters
  • Exciting fights
  • Quite varied


  • The presentation of the menus is congested
  • Requires many resources to unlock new units

Download: Skylanders Battlegrounds for Android

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