Tor Browser Bundle – Free Download

September 21, 2013, Category: Software
Tor Browser Bundle – Free Download
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Tor Browser Bundle Free DownloadTor Browser Bundle is a browser based on Mozilla Firefox, which uses the Tor network for surfing the Internet. It is based on many virtual tunnels between different volunteers all over the world. This makes the browser a lot slower than the standard ones. Its purpose is not, however, speed and security, anonymity and protection of confidential data. Thanks to these characteristics a Tor network allows opening pages that are blocked from local suppliers, and prevents the tracking of activities that are performed by the user from the suppliers.

Tor Browser Bundle will help protect you from the analysis of data flow-type of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy of their official or personal contacts. Tor provides protection through the routing of network traffic in a network of servers run by volunteers around the world. This enables an external observer, tracking your Internet connection to find out which websites you visit or your physical location. Tor works with many applications, including Web browsers, using the TCP protocol. License: Free (Freeware).

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