Total Conquest PC – Free Download

March 16, 2014, Category: Android, Games
Total Conquest PC – Free Download
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Total Conquest PCIf you are addicted to titles of managing cities and military strategy, the new Total Conquest of Gameloft can not miss in your collection. Set in Roman times, the title offers a complete single player campaign and many possibilities of online interaction.

Reorganize Empire

The gameplay is very fast and intuitive, especially for people who are accustomed with works of the genre. The interface is well organized and, as everything is in Portuguese, the work is perfectly accessible to most gamers.

The possibility to control the zoom and drop the soldiers in any position of the map during the attacks leaves the Total Conquest with more face of RTS, making the most exciting battles. However, it’s a little disappointing that the soldiers involved in a battle never come back into town, forcing you to spend more money to replenish the troops.

Although all players start with a good amount of chips, the dependency of the currency can only be acquired through microtransactions will frustrate people who don’t want to spend with the game, because waiting times are fairly long and bothersome.

Finish with the weak

Graphically, Total Conquest is attractive and, thanks to the Ragtime style, has the potential to appeal to gamers of all ages. The animations are incredibly fluid to a game of the genre and the textures have excellent definition, ensuring a satisfactory experience both in smartphones and tablets.

The sound effects were developed with whim, since both the interactions in the city as the blows in battle are represented vigorously and realistic, increasing the immersion. The melodies of the time are also excellent and significantly improve the ambiance.

Download: Total Conquest for PCTotal Conquest for Android

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