Voxer for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2013, Category: Android, Apps
Voxer for PC – Free Download
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Voxer for PC DownloadWith Voxer Walkie Talkie PTT you no longer need to spend to chat with your friends. Just you and your contacts have the application installed and the conversation can begin. First of all, you must register with the service. Thus, it is much easier for your friends to find you on the net. If you prefer, you can login with your Facebook account for the application to get your data automatically.

Voxer Walkie Talkie App still allows you to include your phone number, claiming to be a fill-in field optional, however, in the tests made by Arcade, the system simply did not work while the number has not been filled.

As soon as the app menu appears, you can already start looking for their friends to register on the network. Select the first button in the upper right of the screen and then choose the option “Find friends” and start the search.

If you cannot find people who wanted to talk, select the “Invite friends” button at the top of the screen and select the contacts in your phone book. So your contacts receive messages with the link of the application and an invitation to talk without spending anything.

Once you have contacts on the screen of Voxer walkie-talkie, just choose the person with whom you want to chat and keep touch the button “Hold and talk”. When you release the button, the message is sent directly to the recipient. Note that in order for the Voxer walkie-talkie works perfectly, both devices must be connected to the internet. So the app is advantageous for use in Wi-Fi networks or with unlimited data packages.


  • Simple to use
  • Sending text and picture
  • Register facilitated by Facebook


  • All in English
  • Presents some bugs and crashes
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Voxer on a PC

Download: Voxer for PCVoxer for Android

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