Webcam Toy Photo – Free Download

September 18, 2013, Category: Apps
Webcam Toy Photo – Free Download
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If you don’t know how to use your webcam with Webcam Toy Photo on your PC or laptop, in this post we can give you the best tips so you can use it without problems. Adds various effects to your photos with Webcam Toy from Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Many of us need to upload photos with fun effects to our personal pages on Facebook, Google + or Twitter and they have on the internet many sites online that can help you to take a picture and add effects to your pictures using your webcam.

webcam toy photo

One of those young and fun online that many applications use is Webcam Toy which is application online that will allow you with simple steps make fun effects to your photos. Among the list of effects that you will find the so-called eye of fish, left mirror, camera four, Dent, right mirror, Kaleidoscope, fragment, Ghost, spiral, spin, among others. So you can begin to use Webcam Toy you have to know that you don’t need to register, because that automatically comes with the browser that you use.

To use Webcam Toy Photo on Google Chrome browser first click on the button of magenta color that says ready? He smiles. Then click on the button that says! Use my camera! to then click on the button at the top left that says “Allow”. You’ll see that camera starts running. And thats it you can start creating photos.


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