Zello for PC – Free Download

July 26, 2013, Category: Apps, Blog, Software
Zello for PC – Free Download
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Zello for PCZello is a free application and platform that allows you to turn our cell phones and PCs into walkie-talkies. This means that we can talk free of charge by means of a communication style Nextel with our contacts from anywhere in the world who have also installed the app. It is only necessary to be connected to a wifi network or make use of your data plan.

Zello is available for phones Andorid, BlackBerry and iPhone, although there is also a version for computers with Windows System. To use it is only necessary to create an account and add via nick contacts who have also installed the application on your device or on your PC.

Zello also allows the creation of public channels where they can communicate simultaneously between a maximum of 100 users.

Download Zello for PC

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